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It is with a lot of joy that we hand Met on Main over to George Kelly and Nick Nass who operate Sandbar @Jetties to make it their own wonderful spot. We have had a fascinating journey owning & operating a restaurant on an island we truly love for the past six years. 

We are continuing to expand our restaurant group in Boston and beyond and to work hard at the elements that drive us to earn a living in this crazy business - the love for our employees & guests, our desire to share the food that we crave and to offer a unique dining experience while making the world a little bit of a brighter place bite by bite and sip by sip.

We look forward to taking the opportunity to focus our time while at our home on the island with our family & friends and with many of the wonderful people we have met doing business on Nantucket. We will continue to support many of our friends who own & operate some of our most favorite restaurants & haunts in the world - right here;)

Hopefully, Nantucket will become that place where we can finally come up for air. 

Thank you to all who have worked, visited, dined and championed us during our tenure at 38 Main.