HAND-CUT BUTTERMILK BISCUITS  honey-maple butter 6

COASTAL CLAM CHOWDER tower of clams 12
CREAMY TOMATO SOUP cup or bowl 6 / 9, add bacon-tomato grilled cheese +4
CRISPY COCONUT CALAMARI red jalapeno & crack sauce 13
AVOCADO TOAST  burrata, chili flake, charred corn & heirloom tomatoes, Something Natural six grain bread 15
add poached egg +3
BAG OF IPSWICH CLAMS grilled lemon, tartar sauce   MKT
CAULIFLOWER TWO WAYS charred & shaved, Israeli cous cous, truffle mayo 8
MEzZE PLATE falafel, feta, tzatziki, hummus, chick peas, olives, pita chips 18

GREEN GURU romaine, kale, broccoli, carrot, citrus, candied pumpkin seeds, avocado, green goddess dressing 16
MODERN CAESAR romaine, endive, parmesan frico, croutons, spicy caesar 15
BACK BAY CHOPPED cheddar, egg, red onion, beets, broccoli, tomato, corn, avocado, bacon, house italian 16

Add: Grilled Chicken 8, Salmon 9, Shrimp 18, Lobster 24

OMELET & TRUFFLE FRIES farm eggs, cheddar, arugula salad 14
TRUFFLED CROQUE MADAME artisanal ham, gruyere, fried egg, truffle fries with sage 14
DAY BOAT FISH & CHIPS local beer battered cod, fries and coleslaw, tartar sauce 21
BOLOGNESE ALLA GOBETTI shell pasta, meat sauce, parmesan 22
MET MAC & FOUR CHEESE ritz gratin 16
MET TURKEY CLUB smoked turkey, avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, sunflower grain bread 14
AHI TUNA BURGER* rare side up, protein style, iceberg wrap, ginger-soy 19
SALTIE GIRL BURGER wagyu burger, fried lobster, avocado, angry special sauce, B.L.T., fries 24
THE BOSTON BURGER* MET beef blend or all-white turkey,
frico chip, cabot cheddar, thick cut bacon, fried egg 18
WAGYU FOOT LONG HOT DOG red pepper mustard relish, chopped red onion, griddled brioche bun 16
NEW ENGLAND LOBSTER ROLL hand shucked fresh lobster, old bay chips, griddled bun Market Price